The GelMax series of memory foam mattresses is the redesigned version of the GelLux series of memory foam mattresses. Like the GelLux, it shares the same comfort features, along with the gel layer. With all new styling on the cover, we’ve improved a few designs to encourage people looking for a GelLux in a different color. This is another mattress, which like the others, you’ll have to feel to believe! With an ever increasing demand for our GelMax mattresses, get into a dealer near you to get your hands on one while you still can!


2” Comfort Core for progressive support
High resilient foam bases (2.0lb density)
Zip off anti-microbial, anti-dust mite, washable luxury cover
10 year non pro-rated repair or full replacement warranty
Open cell soft pressure sensitive memory foam technology (less temperature sensitive)
Top quality memory foam allows for a healthier sleep by keeping your spine straight virtually eliminating all pressure points.
No motion transfer

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